Alan Arnison Entertainments at Devere Cheadle House

Devere Cheadle House with the help of Alan Arnison Entertainments  entertain a coach party from Bibbys of Ingleton .

Devere Cheadle House was the host for a mystery tour of 50 people from Biddys of Igleton and Alan Arnison Entertainments  was once  again the provider of the entertainment.

The people from Bibbys arrived at Devere Cheadle House after spending the day in Liverpool.They visited the main shopping area and then went on to the Beatles Museum which was appropriate as the night time entertainment that, we Alan Arnison were about to provide  was a 50’s and 60’s night.                                        Salute to 60s X -1

On arrival at Devere Cheadle House  after a full day they were shown to their four star rooms and swiftly washed and changed  to make ready for dinner

De Vere Venues Cheadle House perfectly embodies the Victorian ethos of elegant design and functionality. Inside, comfort is a priority with a clean, modern style, calming tones and contemporary furnishings.Being so close to Manchester has its advantages; Cheadle House is just four miles east of Manchester International Airport and the city’s shops, entertainment and vibrant night scene are close by.

After dinner it would be the job of our team at Alan Arnison to entertain them. We provided for this paricular Devere break an excellent duo in the form of Lorrie and Gary They performed a mixture of 50’s and 60’s music for singing and dancing too. The people loved it and were on their feet from the very start to the finish. I have used Lorrie and Gary for many years now and they always please. This year Lorrie has won the prestigious award for the best tribute act with her portrail of Vera Lynn and this summer she  can be seen performing the tribute for Alan Arnison Entertainment at many of the Devere Venue breaks up and down the country. Both her and Gary will be at Devere Staverton Park for the christmas break which is a tribute to the 40s. This Devere break was just for the one night so the following morning the people from Bibbys coach Holiday’s  were off back home. This was the first break that Bibby’s had booked with Devere Venues but it will not be the last .for as soon as they got back home to their headquarters the management at Bibby’s rebooked five more devere breaks thanks to the overall package provided by Devere Venues and ourself at Alan Arnison Entertainments .