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Wedding Entertainment  ideas provided by Alan Arnison Entertainments.

A wedding is always a special day  so what better way to stamp your personality on to your wedding than with some special entertainment. So here are a few Wedding Entertainment ideas provided by Alan Arnison Entertainments  to make your special day even more memorable, lets start with the day time first.

Meet and Greet .  Traditional meet and greet performers has always been popular and can take many forms such as Jugglers, Fire Eaters and Stilt Walkers which are very popular and always wow your guests.

chidrens entertainer

chidrens entertainer

Magicians .     Add some magic with a table top or strolling magicians who will amaze your guests with card tricks and disappearing coins and birds.

Caricaturists .  Why not watch as a skilled caricaturist draws your guests portait in 5 minutes and every pictures is a unique gift.

Look a Likes.   Wouldn’t it be great to have David Beckham or the Queen at your wedding, .you can with a character double supplied by Alan Arnison Entertainments.

Living Tables.    one wedding entertainment idea that has become popular in the last few years is Living Tables and Alan Arniosn Entertainments provide some of the best. This is a great finishing touch to your wedding. The table is usually about 5ft round and will hold your drinks for reception but in the middle of it is a living person to serve the drinks to your guests. It is usually a female and is dressed in which ever theme or costume you want. This is a great friendly idea to serve your guests with a welcoming drink.CARNIVAL

Live Music.   As a musician myself I still  think there is no  better way to impress your guests then to have some form of live music playing. here are a few ideas.

Pianist.   Still my favourite is a cocktail pianist which creates a lovely atmosphere gently playing in the background.

String Quartet.   A classic quartet always adds something special to a wedding reception and a quality one which we supply can play anything from Bach to the Killers, and everything in between,

Bands and Musicians.   When it come to live musicians and bands the list and styles is endless, from a guitarist or harpist to a caribbean band, to a rock band depending on your tastes.

Chidrens entertainments .    Don’t forget that a wedding day is a long time  to a child and can be boring, so you could help by providing something for them. It could be a clown or a face painter, a balloon modeller or just some ice cream or even a chocolate fountain.
Here are just a few wedding ideas that will make you day special and can all be provided by Alan Arnison Entertainments if you would like to chat through any of these ideas please give me a call . Next  time I will give you some wedding ideas for the Evening Entertainment.