Mike James Sound , Alan Arnison Entertainments

MIke James Sound and Alan Arnison Entertainments  are one and the same and have been for many years now.

I was asked this weekend what the connection was between Mike James Sound and Alan Arnision Entertainments.

So here is the story so far.  It was in the early Seventies, that  I formed my first  band, The Mike James Sound ( Mikejamessound.com ) . I was approached by the Pontins Holiday Group to appear at their Southport centre to provide dance music for the holidaymakers.

My  appointment proved to be so successful that we remained with Pontins for 13 seasons, playing at the group’s various other centre’s.  It was there that  we attracted the attention of the  Cunard entertainments representative who invited the band to play on the world famous Q.E.2.  

Cunard was so impressed with the band that we were booked to go back  on the ship every Winter until the mid ninety’s.  During this time we accompanied such artists as Vic Damone, Bob Hope  Petula Clark,  George Shearing and Burt Bacharach.

In 1990 I was offered, and accepted, one  of the most prestigious  bookings in Britain today: that of becoming the resident summer big-band  attraction at Blackpool`s famous Tower Ballroom MIke James Sound BLACKPOOL

By the mid ninety’s The MIke James Sound was spending ever Summer at The World Famous Blackpool Tower and in the Winter I was on the Q.E.2.

 Apart from this the band were traveling abroad to The Middle East and Scandinavia . plus TV and Radio Broadcast for the BBC  also  The Mike James Sound appeared in a major Hollywood film starring Michael Douglas and Melanie Griffiths .At this time I decided it  was time to spend more time at home with my family. 

It was at this time that Aan Arnison who had been managing the The Alan Arnison Entertainment Consultancy successfully  for many years decided to retire and offer me the consultancy .It was in 1996 that I  took over  control of Alan Arnison Entertainment Consultancy and have been managing both The MIke James Sound and  Alan Arnison Entertainments  ever since.( www.alanarnisonentertainments )