Heatwave/Alan Arnison Entertainments

Heatwave/Alan Arnison Entertainments

HEATWAVE ARE THE ULTIMATE PARTY BAND  one of Alan Arnison Entertainments managed Bands  having just returned to England form Cruising and are the ultimate Party Band and are now available through Alan Arnison Entertainments .

HEATWAVE the ultimate party band

HEATWAVE the ultimate party band

HEATWAVE ARE THE ULTIMATE PARTY BAND they are a high energy live band based in Manchester UK. They have played their music for millions of people around the world, including performances on various European TV shows, high-end corporate events, upscale resorts and luxury cruise liners.  There is no venue “too big” or “too small”, the crowd is never “too young” or “too old”!  HEATWAVE  is always ready to provide a totally  freshand exciting live music experience for their audience.  For the last 15 years they have been one of the “most in demand” bands in Cruising Entertainment.  Over a period  of 15 years, they have successfully fulfilled over 40 contracts (min 4 months each) on board of over 30 luxury cruise ships.  they are a 4 piece band, but  can be hired as a duo, or 5 plus configuration, according to the venue, budget, etc. You can pick any of our theme party sets, mix them up, or hand pick your favorite songs.   Nothing is set in stone. “Just email Heatwave/Alan Arnison Entertainments and let us know what music you want to hear at your party and we will do the rest.

HEATWVE 4 piece

HEATWAVE 4 piece


  Here are a few of the reviews & comments we have received over the last few years

Very good Speciality Band. They play so much variety and they have a great attitude!”   Rick Spath,  Cruise Director/Ent Manager – Crystal Cruises – 2011

We thank them for their flexibility and consistent Show Quality and we look forward for their return!”  –  Leslie MacPherson, Entertainer Manager – Disney Wonder-2007-2013

These are just a few of the many excellent comments Alan Arnison Entertainments have recieved over the last few years. They are now back in England and are available for your speceial event.HEATWAVE DUO-2-mail

During the next few weeks you will see them appearing in Holday Centres, Golf Clubs. Statley Homes  and weddings in such places as Denton Golf Club, Manchester,  Craxton Wood Hotel, Ledsham   Grand Central Skegness .So to book the Ultimate Party Band just cantact mike@alanarnisonentertainments.com and ask for Heatwave/Alan Arnison Entertainments HEATWAVE ARE THE ULTIMATE PARTY BAND