Bands for events /Alan Arnison Entertainments

Alan Arnison Entertainments provide some of the best bands for events in the country .

We Alan Arnison have been providing Bands for events for over fifty years it doen’t matter if you just want a covers band or if you want a speciality band eg  Jazz Band, Barn Dance Band, Caribbean Band or even a Samba band we at Alan Arnison entertainments can provide the best Bands for events. Here are just a few of our most popular outfits

The Wabash Jazzmen

Bring you the best in hot driving traditional jazz in their distinctive rhythmic style. this highly entertaining hot five came together in 1994 with the desire to create a new sound on the traditional jazz scene and are driven by the flowingbang playing of leader Mark Challinor .The band travels widely and has built up a strong followin particularly in the north and Midlands and this summer can be seen at Chester races playing for each of the many race days

The Caribbeanscaribbeans

Bring the happy-go-lucky atmosphere of Trinidad and Jamaica to your event with the music of The Caribbeans Steel Band  What  distinguishes them  from other steel bands is that they  can offer vocals and other instrumentation to play the diverse repertoire that they perform Alan Arnison Entertainemtns have been recommending The Caribbeans for more the 20years now and are still one of the best bands for events that I know.

The Mike James Sound


As you know the Mike James Sound is managed by Alan Arnison Entertainments and is one of Britains best band for events and as been for two many years to mention.  Mike James’s Sound  vast repertoire covers almost every area of music, Over the years since Mike developed his first band, he has created a stylistic format which embraces all the trends of musical tastes and formulated them into a unique and highly entertaining programme that has captivated sell-out audiences wherever he, his band and his singers have appeared .

These are just a few of the many bands that the Alan Arnison Entertainments Consutancy represents .So when ever you want a band for an event  just contact Mike or Gillian and leave the rest to us.