Entertainment Breaks at Studley Castle

 Alan Arnison Entertainments are privilaged to supply Devere Venues. with Entertainment Breaks

studley castle

One of our most successful Entertainment Breaks is our Murder Mystery/Medieval Banquet break which we have been running at Studley Castle.  Set in stunning grounds, deep within the Warwickshire countryside. Studley Castle seamlessly combines historic character and modern charm. Dating back to 1833, this impressive estate is located within easy reach of London and the Midlands. You’ll simply love the tranquil atmosphere.and for those wanting to explore the area, the castle is right in the middle of the action. With many local historic and exciting attractions only a short drive away. The Entertainment Breaks takes place over two days and starts with a Murder Mystery on the first night followed bya Medieval Banquet on the second . On arrival at Studley you are met by our costume supplier who will fit you with your period custome (extra charge ) which you can use for both nights The Entertainment Break starts just before dinner as you step back in time to discover a world of devious plotting, intrigue, and murder in the Middle Ages.studley castle medieval king
Guests will be entertained with a ‘whodunnit’ style fun performed by live Actors including quizzes, competitions, limericks, prizes and a certificate of achievement for the winner.

.How It Works
The format for the evening is based around your guests enjoying a meal at the venue   The scene will be set by the actors and your guests will have to keep a sharp eye out for clues to solve the mystery. All the scenes fit in between courses and do not clash with service of dinner.

The second night of the Entertainment Breaks is the Medival Banquetstudley murderbandactors

Be the guest of the King himself at a magnificent Medieval Banquet party.
Sit down in the flickering torch-light to a sumptuous feast in the atmosphere of Merrie Olde England. The regal repast will be served by comely wenches, who’ll provide you with generous amounts of wine and beer.( the wine and beer is not included in the price).  Enjoy the pageantry that will make your evening even more delightful – strolling players, juggler/jester, Tudor style performers and medieval songs and dancing. Alan Arnison Entertainments have done several of these Entertainment Breaks at Studley this year 2014, and all of them have been well attended and received.
We plan to do several more in 2015. For dates and to book your place please contact Devere Studlay Castle, or if you want to organise your own Entertainment Breaks, in the form of a Murder Mystery or a Medieval Banquet, in fact if you want any form of Entertainment Breaks contact MIke  on 0161 419 9930 or email mIke@alanarnisonentertainments.com.