Devere orchard Hotel / big band break/sold out

Last Sunday was a sellout show for the Mike James Orchestra and Singers  at the Devere Orchard Hotel for their BIG Band Break.

Over 300 people turn up to the Big band break at the Devere Orchard hotel performed by the MIke James Orchestra and Singers. The coaches arrived at the venue in mid afternoon. in total there were seven coaches from 5 different companies .Cruiader travel, Mystic isle .James travel .Philips Coaches and with the biggest number of people Yorkshire Rose with over 150 big band enthusiasts.

The Devere Orchard Hotel is the newest of the Devere venue Hotels having only been opened in November 2012.

The Devere  Orchard Hotel

Devere Orchard Hotel

Devere Orchard Hotel

sited adjacent to the East Midlands Conference Centre, architects and interior designers have developed this eco-friendly building featuring accessible rooftop terraces, green roofs and the maximum use of natural daylight. Open spaces provide superb views of The University of Nottingham’s extensively landscaped campus, spanning 330 acres, located only 2 miles from the city of Nottingham.

The Orchard Hotel incorporates a business lounge, 120-cover restaurant, bar area, outside terrace, gym and four meeting rooms. Other features include floor-to-ceiling windows, bespoke furniture and unique decor throughout.

Built to the highest environmental standards, achieving a BREEAM rating of Excellent, the hotel features state-of-the-art technology to reduce carbon emissions. Solar photovoltaic panels and ground-sourced heat technology are incorporated, as well as a lower energy-assisted cooling ventilation system.

  award winning

The Orchard Hotel has scooped two awards in the highly coveted, annual, ‘Simply the Guest’ awards. Recognising the properties with the most positive customer reviews, The Orchard Hotel was awarded 1st place in the ‘Best Large Hotel’ and 2nd place in the ‘Best Business hotel’ categories.

Once the guest at settled into there rooms it was time to make there way over to the conference centre for Dinner and then the BIg Band Show featuring The MIke James Orchestra and Singers and what a show it turned out to be. It was probably the biggest show the Devere Orchard Hotel had put on since it’s opening in 2012  the title of the show for this BIg band break was called

“THE LAST OF THE BIG BANDS “clip_image002

A Tribute to the Big Bands of Yesterday and  Today

Glenn Miller, Count Basie, Tommy Dorsey and Woody Herman all left their mark on the music world with some of the best Swing tunes of yesterday. Combine that with the orchestral and popular sounds of James Last and Andrew Rieu With vocal tributes to the song stylist of yesterday and today e.g. Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Michael Buble, Diana Krall and you have a show of unforgettable musical magic.
This unique show, tracing the history of the big band from the 1940s to the present day, is directed by Mike James and performed by his Orchestra and Singers.
The show encompasses many of the flag-waving numbers from the swing era with the most popular tunes of today. In musical terms the end product is a high-powered and dynamic mix of the past and present.

By the time the show was over which lasted for over two hours the crowds were dancing in the Isles as well as the dance floor and even on the stage with the performers. What a great night.

I cann’t wait for the next one  which is on the 17th august at the same great venue why not be there.