Devere Orchard Hotel Big Band Break another success

Devere Orchard Hotel Big Band Break featuring THe MIKE JAMES ORCHESTRA AND SINGERS  was yet again another great success. Although there was not quite as many people as the 350 that turned up to the last Big Band Break at the end of July. Once again it was a great success, to the extent that… read more →


Devere Venues East Sussex Natioonal  Variety Break Another of Devere Venues superb Variety Break was at the East Sussex National on the 4th August for 4 days.and what a great 4 days it turned out to be. we once again  provideD the entertainments at this lovely Hotel. The East Sussex National was the site for… read more →

Devere orchard Hotel / big band break/sold out

Last Sunday was a sellout show for the Mike James Orchestra and Singers  at the Devere Orchard Hotel for their BIG Band Break. Over 300 people turn up to the Big band break at the Devere Orchard hotel performed by the MIke James Orchestra and Singers. The coaches arrived at the venue in mid afternoon…. read more →